Succulents at The Oasis
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Sedum Burrito
Succulents are amazing and fascinating plants. Here you will find photos and information about our favorites.
Sedum morganianum (Sedum Burrito), sometimes referred to as burro's tail or donkey's tail, is a member of the family Crassulaceae and is native to southern Mexico.

This succulent grows best in a hanging container, where the trailing stems hang vertically. It needs good light or full sun but not extreme heat. Plants are best grown in full sunlight for strong growth and to enhance leaf coloration.

It requires regular, moderate watering all year, except in winter, when it should be infrequently watered. Excess water can damage the plant in a short time. The species is susceptible to over-watering, especially during winter dormancy.

This plant is usually propagated by stem or leaf cuttings. The leaves are quite delicate and will readily break off the stem when manipulated. The leaves will stay alive for many days and roots will emerge after a few days.
Echeveria 'Etna' is a big succulent with fat carunculations on the leaves. They grow best with full or part sun exposure, Echeveria 'Etna' requires moderate watering. Echeveria 'Etna' can be propagated by bracts or from cuttings.

This is one of the most unique succulents in our garden. It's one of those plants that you either love or hate. Some people have even described it as "gross." I think it is awesome and beautiful!
Crassula portulacea (ET Fingers or Spoon Jade)
is one of my favorite succulent plants. It's dark green leaves look like fingers with reddish tips.

These plants can take full sun to light shade. They are happy indoors as houseplants or outdoors for dry gardens.

Grown in containers, crassula portulacea will remain small. In the ground they will eventually reach a height of 4 to 5 feet tall.

E T Fingers is great if you don't have time to fuss over a plant. Crassula happily oblige and even produce blooms in later winter.

This plant is in the garden window of our kitchen where it gets lots of light. As you can see, it is very hapy and trouble free. If you have a well lighted place in your house, try putting one of these in a pot.
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